What is the difference between the Saona VIP, Privilege, Prestige and Classico?

The 2 Saona (VIP and Privilege) visit the same places. They are both a discovery and adventure day. With the visit of a village ( Mano Juan), a natural beach ( Canto de la playa) where you can do snorkeling and the Natural Pool. The Saona Privilege also visit a fully furnished beach.

The big difference between the 2 is the boat used. For the Saona VIP we use a speedboat and for the Saona Privilège we use a very comfortable motorized catamaran. It should be known that speedboat are prohibited for pregnant women and people suffering from back pain. On the catamaran you can move because the boat is stable, there are cushions in the front for sunbathing, a roof to protect you from the sun, bar .

The Saona Prestige is made on a beautiful 51 feet Sails Catamaran. This tour is made to avoid crowds as much as possible. We leave early in order to get at a comfortable beach with really nice installations. We will enjoy the beach during 2 hours without any other group, just us. Then we leave for a stop at the snorkeling spot ”the Pier” and then got to the Natural pool for the afternoon and have lunch on board (there’s a BBQ on the boat). This excursion includes Lobster or Beef Filet mignon ( Lobster is available in season only).

For the Saona Classico, on way is made on a Sail Catamaran and one way by speed boat. Please note that this excursion is not a ‘house’ tour of PRO EXCURSIONS but the one of a provider, with a stop at the first beach of Saona and the famous natural pool. As it is sold in all of the hotel by tour operators, there is always a lot of people on the boats (100 people per catamaran) and about 400 people on the beach. It is therefore a  festive excursion.(PARTY TOUR) 

It depends of the area where your hotel is located and the excursion you choose. When you arrive at the hotel, it will be very important to send us your room number directly (we will need it in order to organize the transport) at this time, we will give you the time and the place of appointment.

We do accept credit card payments but only when specified in your reservation confirmation. Please check on your internet confirmation if this is the case for the excursions you have chosen.

For the price in Euro or Pesos it will depend of the current exchange rate in the Country (Dominican Republic). This rate can change every day, so we advise you to ask us directly by email because the rates you will see online are not the one we have in the Country (Dominican Republic). We try to get as close as possible to it.

Children love the little presents you offer them, but what do they like the most according to their needs?

  • School supply (notebook, colored pencil, felt pen, pencil sharpener, white sheet, compass, square, protractor etc …)
  • Clothing (shoes, socks, undershirt, pants, shorts, t-shirt etc …)
  • Toys (drawing book, board games, puzzle etc …)
  • Food (Possibility to buy directly in a local market in each of the tours)
  • Pharmaceutical products

We are in the Caribbean, the weather changes all the time and is not predictable more than 12 hours in advance. We will ask you to trust us because the day could be the most beautiful of your holidays. Do not worry, if it announced to be a rainy day, we will cancel the excursion and push it to the next available day

The maximum of participants our ‘house’ SEA excursion is of 27 person. 

The maximum of partcipants on our ‘house’ LAND excursion is of 20 person.

We choose quality over quantity! 

We are a small family business and therefore all our excursions do not take place every day, and as we only do small groups, we are sometimes full several days in advance … Therefore, we strongly recommend to our customers to book in advance to ensure places.

Please note that we do not ask for deposit*, the payment will be done on the morning of your tour at our nautical base of Bayahibe

The ideal would be to tell us what are your dates of arrival and departure and the name of the excursions that interest you. In return we will send you a proposal with dates.

If you agree, we will send you a detailed confirmation.

Then, you will only have to contact us by email or phone on arrival to give us your room number (we need it for the organization of transport). At that time, we will give you the exact times and place of the appointment.

We ask a deposit for families or groups over 5 people because all our excursions are in small groups. This will be to guarantee your presence on the tour.It would be a shame to say NO to people who really want to participate and say YES to a family of 5 who may not come!

We also ask for a deposit for people coming from cruise Ships.