Eco-friendly jungle tour from Punta Cana and Bayahibe.

Discover the National Park of the East.

Explore the jungle with the Jungle Adventure Tour from Punta Cana and Bayahibe.

On this excursion, you will discover the jungle of the Eastern National Park and its direct surroundings. This park is well known for trips to the islands of Saona and Catalina. Note that the land part of the park is virtually unexplored.

Nature, culture and history:

This is not a buying trip in disguise like many “safaris”, but a real visit to the jungle. Guided by experts and forest rangers. This excursion will allow you to discover the different parts of the park: the dense and dry jungle, the flora and fauna and the particular history of the people who lived in the region, before the inauguration of the park. We will visit a beautiful cave in the national park. We will follow the trail of the Taino Indians to the Chavon River where we will discover the origin of the Taino words “Canoa”, “Yuca” and many others. A relaxed day for the active explorer.

Itinerary of this jungle excursion:

Explore the land of mystery and imagination

This guided excursion will explore the Eastern National Park. We will meet at the Visitors Center on Bayahibe Beach. The excursion begins with a short “briefing” to explain the course of the day. We then proceed to our first stop: the Padre Nuestro Jungle Ecological and Archaeological Trail. Padre Nuestro is located in the Eastern National Park area, just outside of Bayahibe.

An easy hike through the history of the Tainos …

The trail has different paths, varying in difficulty along its 1.9 km / 1.2 miles. Sturdy shoes are recommended. The trail takes you through dry tropical jungle, limestone landscape, butterflies and birds, as well as impressive underground freshwater caverns. We will tell you the history of the park and you will be able to explore the remains of the Taino settlements, the first inhabitants of the Dominican Republic. You will also be able to discover the magnificent native flora and fauna, unique to the east coast of Hispaniola.

At the end of the trail, we will visit the secluded freshwater springs inside the caves. We will descend into the Cueva de Chicho cave. This large cave has at the bottom an amazing underground lake. Used as a source of water since pre-Hispanic times, there remains an important collection of large ceramic objects. A total of 26 petroglyphs are visible at the entrance to the cave.

Excitement: swimming in the cave in crystal clear water …

Stalagmites … Stalactites … bats and rock art … Those who wish can descend to the bottom of the cave and swim in the fresh and cold water lake there. You can enjoy the show, when we illuminate the crystals sunk into the walls of the sandstone cave. It is the land of mystery and imagination …

Meet the locals and breathe in the local culture

The next stop is the village of Benerito (10 minutes from Bayahibe) and in particular the “Campo Padre Nuestro”. This is the new establishment where the inhabitants of the national park were relocated when the park was inaugurated. It shows a vibrant and colorful community. We will visit the USAID sponsored jewelry project to help women earn an income …

Relax on the river cruise through the Rio Chavon Gorge …

After a short drive, we will reach the Chavon river. We will board a traditional boat and cruise through the gorge of this beautiful river.

The cinematic decor of successful films … you’ll see why …

The tropical jungle is visible on the shores. The hit movies Apocalypse Now and Rambo 3 were filmed here. We will join our farm by the river.

How a small Taino culture saved the world from starvation …

Here we will give more information about the Taino way of life. Some of the words we use, such as barbacoa (“barbecue”), hamaca (“hammock”), kanoa (“canoe”), tabaco (“tobacco”), yuca, batata (“sweet potato”) and Juracan (“hurricane” “), come from the Taino language. You can taste the small dishes prepared in the traditional Taino way.

Traditional lunch prepared in the Taino way.

It is followed by a traditional Dominican “barbacoa”, with pork chops, chicken wings, traditional Dominican rice, “batata”, platanos and various salads.

If you just want to relax: the jacuzzi with the best view in the world

After lunch you can relax in our jacuzzi located above the river! You can also try one of the hammocks.

Discover the secrets of the “life of the earth”.

If you wish, you can participate in our fruit trail. We will show you a lot of local fruits and tell you how the people make a living off the land here. We continue towards the viewpoint, crossing our “suspension bridge” on the step.

Feel like a true explorer while cruising a small side river by canoe.

You can participate in our canoe adventure on a small side river of the Rio Chavon. We go deeper into the jungle and have to navigate through hanging vines and around fallen trees. We may be able to see freshwater turtles there.

Village life: buy your souvenirs at the local price

We are now returning to Bayahibe. We will show you what is the current influence of the national park on the village. Thousands of tourists flock to Bayahibe daily to board the boats bound for one of the islands. The local economy is 100% dependent on this flow of tourists. You also have the option to buy rum etc. at reasonable prices in the local colmado. At approximately 5:00 p.m., we will return to our visitor center overlooking Bayahibe Bay for the return to the hotels.

Internet Rate

Special offer: US $ 99 per adult, regular US $ 109 per adult

Children under 12 years of age: US $ 55 per child

We request a 20% deposit to confirm the reservation.


  • For the Bayahibe and Dominicus area: transportation included.
  • Punta Cana: add US $ 25 per person*
  • Uvero Alto / Cap Cana: add US $ 40 per person*
  • Boca Chica: add US $ 40 per person*
  • Bahía La Romana: add US $ 20 per person*

*minimum 4 people

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